Unveil The Incredible You

...and Live everyday as The 'Best Version' of Yourself

Who is it for? This book is for anyone who believes in taking charge of their life, rather than living a life defined by others. If you believe that you can bring about positive changes in yourself, and if you have the desire to create the best version of self to become intrinsically happy and fulfilled in key areas of life, this book is sure to appeal to you. It is meant for anyone who wants to fulfill and live her biggest dreams and is willing to put in the effort in developing herself to the level that she attracts those dreams.

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What to Expect?

The book comprises of 14 chapters divided into 2 parts :

* First part talks about the two “Foundational Principles” upon which the entire philosophy of “IncredibleU” rests. These are “Understanding Brain’s Plasticity” and “Getting Access to Infinite Intelligence” within.

* The second part is about understanding, practicing and successfully installing “12 IncredibleU Principles” within an Individual through powerful, proven and practical methods, frameworks and tools. The book is aimed to cause a “cellular” level change with an objective to alter reader’s “subconscious blueprint” of success.

The chapter titles and how they are organized is shown in the below diagram:

About The Author

Manish Pharasi

Manish Pharasi is an Engineer from IIT-BHU and MBA from IBS Hyderabad. In his 20 years of experience he has coached and trained close to 11000 people to improve their job, business and life skills. He has combined his skills in driving Business effectiveness and Personal excellence to ensure that he adds maximum value to people, organizations and Institutions. He has been conducting a number of workshops and one on one coaching in the organizations he has worked for directly and also in his client organizations.

He now wants to up the scale and wants to contribute in positively impacting the lives of as many people as he can in his lifetime. He is already a successful best-selling author, NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, a Life Coach and a Certified Coach in Brain-based techniques. His earlier book FOSIL: Fabrics of a Spirited Life was published in 2015 and was warmly received by the readers.

In 'Unveil the Incredible You' Manish brings proven principles and techniques that if followed guarantee an Individual to become and live as the "best version" of himself or herself.

Salient Features of The Book

My aim as an author is to share knowledge, practical experience and worldly wisdom in the simplest manner. The key objective to make things simple is to enable any reader to not only get the knowledge but also enjoy the entire process and get complete fulfillment by actually implementing the learnings with ease. So even though the book draws from lot of diverse fields yet it is free of any esoteric jargon and is designed to give the reader a smooth reading experience. So amongst the many, some salient features of the book are:

  • i. Simple to read, easy to understand and powerful in giving results
  • ii. Highly practical and combines experiential learning from the best of Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Self-Development and Spirituality.
  • iii. Based on proven theories and author’s own practical coaching experience of 18 years.
  • iv. Guaranteed Results if followed in principle and spirit. It would give reader control over:
    a. Identify and define your purpose in life and set powerful goals linked to that purpose.
    b. Enable you to understand the mechanisms to control your state and how to live in resourceful states like high confidence, motivation, gratitude, enthusiasm etc.
    c. Teach you practical techniques to attain lasting happiness.
    d. Help you live your “best” version by exposing you with the proven techniques to develop positive habits, control your self talk, enhance communication effectiveness, take empowering actions and much more.
  • v. Mind exercises that would ‘install’ new winning programs permanently in your sub conscious mind which would take you on a seamless improvement journey.
  • vi. Action Exercises at the end of each chapter that would give you a feel of a workshop.
  • vii. Provide you a strong orientation to attend more advanced workshops.
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Bharat Sangekar Practice Director at Versent, Australia (transforming Enterprise into startups) Motivational Speaker, Stand-up comedian

Transformation starts with the self. No one knows this better than Manish Pharasi who I have witnessed to be student and coach of transforming the self since I first met him 20 years ago. I still remember Manish’s clarity of thought in many the conversations we had on reverse engineering our lives to get to where we want to see ourselves 20 years later, it’s no surprise it culminated in this book. Do yourself a favor, read it!

Hazel Isaac

Having known Manish for a while now, I have never seen him dwelling on problems and challenges. Instead he is someone who will seamlessly make one nudge the problem aside and get the person he’s talking to, to start thinking on the lines of solving the problem at hand. Highly inspirational as a life coach, Manish is one who always has wonderful life changing stories, examples and most importantly effective ways to deal with pertinent challenges. He is someone who always walks the talk; one can never get bored of interacting with Manish who constantly helps one realize their own potential, strengths and motivates individuals to leading a highly fulfilled life. Thank you Manish for all the inspiration you have provided to me.

Founder of Edusurv , Tulika Verma

Without any doubt , with my association with Manish Pharasi for more than 15 years, I can say that he is one of the coach that has the power of inspiring people by his valuable insights , strategies and high performance tools . I was always in awe of Manish’s ability to fully energize, empower and inspire colleagues to more confident individuals. Person of great determination, focus and knowledge , epitomizes all of those things that I think people aspire to be !!

Swati Mangal, Genpact

I met with Manish Sir, when I was in a state of turmoil in my life, I had to take important decisions related to my career and family. Manish Pharasi is a great self-development coach , who through his simple language and logical reasoning explains the way to live life and achieve your maximum potential which I would say are never explained in either schools or colleges. He would give you reasons to be happy and a direction on how to think. After meeting him I have truly started believing, it’s all in your mind, if you think right you can achieve it all. In this book, he is sharing a lot of what I have benefited from. Must read.

Kuldip Ghosh , Vice President – Operations and Compliance at ABans Group of Companies

I have personally known Manish since 1997 when we were doing our post graduation together in IBS Hyderabad. He was one of the few amongst our batch who had come for the course with work experience while the rest of us were fresher’s. I always remember him to be kind and share his own work experiences with us, which was an eye opener for most us at that time.While I have been in touch with Manish over the social media post us graduating out of IBS Hyderabad, it was only few months ago that I discovered Manish’s mentoring and coaching capabilities through the facebook posts he was uploading at regular intervals. His wisdom and technique immediately caught my attention. Shortly thereafter, I found myself eagerly waiting for his next post and knew that he had made a huge difference in my life. I was very impressed with his views on Law of Attraction and regularly followed him. What followed were a few life-changing ideas which I learnt from his posts and it is quite remarkable and I’m still amazed at how these few brief interactions all online has affected me. What I liked about his style was that he has always tried to help one become a better version of oneself rather than trying to mold one into his perspective. I don’t know how to articulate this without sounding cliched but talk to Manish at least once. It may be all you need to advance your career, more importantly your life! Do it now.

Praveen Nanda , Director- United Health Group

As we gain knowledge & experience over years, some have an urge to share it with others, but only a few have a passion and will to consciously make it happen. Manish, my friend and erstwhile colleague is the one who has the depth & determination to pursue his passion of sharing his learning, to help others achieve more and maximize their potential. I still remember during our days as six sigma consultants, while our group was engaged in learning & deploying the concepts, Manish had already jumped ahead and started training & guiding others as a freelancer, even outside India. With his extensive consulting experience in India & abroad, he started giving shape to his thoughts and ideas on how it could benefit others. And in no time he started writing books, that too on subject of achieving personal excellence, which not many indulge in. I’m sure Manish’s work would always have some insightful thoughts which will help everyone to make a positive impact in their personal or professional journey. I wish him good luck on his mission.

Aparna Anand , Partner & Co-founder – L M Capital , Ex Managing Director – Roulac Global Funds LLC

Have known Manish Pharasi in the capacity of a friend for last many years. After having worked as an employee for 13 years, when I planned for my entrepreneurial debut, Manish helped me overcome my apprehensions with his positive insight and feedback. He also advised me on how to maintain a balance in my work, family, social activities and self care. He is a patient listener and highly knowledgeable, focused and energetic life transforming coach.

Jyotsna Arora , Manager- Consulting at HSBC

Manish has always been a great mentor and a coach who took interest in my long term development goals. My conversations with him left me inspired and brought a lot of positivity and a new perspective to look at situations and people. Sometimes the takeaway from our conversations was even more substantial, and made me realize things that I had not thought of before and pushed me to explore my potential.He has been instrumental in helping me shape my career through his coahing & mentoring skills on both professional & personal front.

Ashwani Asthana , Senior Finance Manager at Oracle India Pvt Ltd

In my decade long professional career, Manish has been one of the best bosses that I came across. He has been a mentor and a coach who provided guidance, extended support and also provided space to exercise my own creativity. Apart from coaching and mentoring me on hard concepts of project management & Six Sigma, he also mentored me on Interpersonal & leadership skills. His dynamic approach and people connect made him distinct from other leaders and made him approachable. He helped me develop skills which paved way for me to take up more challenging roles and expanding my horizons in all aspects of life.

Taruna Mehta , Consultant, Leading HR Consulting Firm

I have known Manish Pharasi for the past two years as he is part of the same team in my organization. He has always come across as an humble leader who is always open to guide everyone around. I was lucky enough to work with him on one project wherein I had the pleasure of getting his guidance on my “out of the box” ideas and he pushed me to pursue them and eventually they paid off….. Then one day he introduced that he has written a book “Fosil- Fabrics of a Spirited Life”- That book was a refreshing view to look at LIFE. The way he explained the complex dilemmas of life through the protagonist in the book was not only enlightening but very practical in today’s lifestyle….That book highlighted how great a visionary is Manish……I have also been a regular recipient of his “Law Of Attraction” lessons on you tube and a participant of his Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP) sessions and every time I have witnessed his positive energy, his Aura, his thoughts, his views to bring positive changes and above all his FAITH in the ultimate authority of this world….GOD….I may be too small to say anything about a person like Manish who had achieved so much in life….but one thing I would surely say……. “”His WHY Is Clear…..And That is why his HOW…are enlightening everyone”””

Vinay Sura , Senior Program Manager – Quantum Corporation, US

“I have known Manish as a colleague, long time friend and a great transformation, personal development coach. I have always found him as a person with great insight, understanding and compassion for factors contributing to life Excellency. He has leveraged these qualities into becoming a great personal development coach.”

Rishu Chaudhary , HR Transformation Consultant, London, UK

“Manish has been a great mentor and coach at various occasions for me. He is always open to new ideas and keen to explore new perspective. He is always working on adding depth to his knowledge and is brilliant in contextualising. He has been a critical catalyst to numerous change management initiatives both for individuals and the organization. Great thing about him is also that he has been able to open his vision to changing and agile environment around and make sure what he offers is relevant to the context and is outcome driven. He has a special knack to develop people by enabling them to recognize their full potential. This book is a logical culmination of the tremendous value he offers. I wish him success ahead..”

Manish Saxena , Global Head – Knowledge Management & Collaboration, Atos International Germany GmbH, Germany

“I’ve known Manish Pharasi for close to 17 years. I have the good fortune to have worked with him in the same organization. I must say that I’ve been a beneficiary of his astute business acumen as well as personal development oriented thinking on numerous occasions. We kept exchanging notes all through these years and I’ve always been astonished to learn that Manish is continuously adding new knowledge in personal development and coaching space. And, he was always applying the lessons and further enhancing it to meet real life challenges. We have many common colleagues and friends who confirmed to me about the innovative coaching Manish provided them and helped them overcome challenges, boost performance etc. He is very passionate about coaching, mentoring and enabling the transformation in organizations as well as at individual levels. His vast exposure across multiple industries, having travelled most parts of the world, worked in multicultural teams, analytical approach, very perceptive mind and above all; deep rooted care for individuals makes him a highly effective coach.”

Rohan Bhattacharjee , Principal. Accenture Consulting

“In my professional career, Manish has been an excellent colleague, mentor, and one of the best Coaches I have worked with. He has always been able to inspire and guide the various teams and engagements he has been part of. He knows the secret sauce to always kept the team motivated, and provides each individual enough space to perform and grow . His change management and mentoring skills as well as the ability to manage all stakeholders (both internal and external) have been truly exemplary. I personally attended a number of his client workshops and first hand witnessed the kind of changes & ‘wow’ that he bought about in people who participated in those. I would always be glad to work with him in future”

Satish Raghavan , Senior Manager (Financial Services), Accenture

“I have known Manish for 18 years now. He has a knack of explaining complex topics in a lucid manner. His coaching and mentoring abilities have great effects on any individual. I believe, anyone reading his books or watching his channel on YouTube will realize that his ideas are stimulating and has deep fundamental truths that one can apply to self, family and business in general. His work is a valuable addition to the genre on Personal Excellence”

Hirdesh Singhal , President, Global University of Engineering, USA

“Manish is a natural facilitator. His enthusiasm and energy in the class in contagious. His ability to explain difficult & complex topics in simple manner with day today examples is phenomenal. When Manish has conducted programs for our staff, every one of them have appreciated his workshops. Tools that he provides to participants are easy to use and they continue to use them post workshop. Therefore, his workshops have left long term impact on the participants. He is one of the few facilitators who have content, style & communication together to make a perfect facilitator. Wish him all the success in his endeavor!”

Geetika Kathuria , Independent Business Owner

“Manish, my first colleague and comrade at Bharti Airtel, ensured I have a smooth transition in my first corporate job. We led many multi-dimensional projects together and I consistently found him a person of great perseverance and grit, thorough with his subject and enjoying excellent interpersonal skills. He comfortably switched between roles of colleague, mentor and friend; helping me and other team mates in giving structure to our scattered ideas. We launched many Business Excellence trainings and workshops, which were successfully led by him. Manish continues to guide me, a trait that is his second nature, even as I explore other options.I am so glad he has gone ahead on the journey of his inner calling of “empowering people to become their best versions ”, which is rare feet and gratifying. I regularly view and apply his work. I am indeed proud of his accomplishments. This book and his workshops represent the best of him.”

RaghavanVasudevan, Founder & CEO, QT&T Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Singapore

"You think of the best coach in any situation the names that comes up is that of Manish Pharasi. My association with Manish goes back more than a decade when he helped me launch a part of my business by conducting an open session of close to 200 people in Singapore. The confidence & aplomb with which he conducted the session was exemplary. Manish continued to add lot of value to all my clients when we got associated for few years when he was doing freelancing work. In addition to his hard skills in Six Sigma & Lean what stood out were his sessions on driving ‘Personal Excellence’ which he aptly calls as ‘IncredibleU’ Workshops. He is one of the best in the field and I can confidently say that having watched him closely and even having benefited from his workshop myself. His ability to make a people connect and give highly practical solutions is outstanding. In his ‘IncredibleU’ workshops he meticulously covers all what it takes for an individual to become his “best version”. These principles are effective in leadership development of any organization."

Pradeep Nair, Consultant at a Leading MNC

"Manish is a life coach with a difference. His exceptional clarity on various concepts and the practical application of those to suit your needs, situations and circumstances sets him apart from others. He is a passionate trainer, prolific writer and an eloquent orator. His IncredibleU workshop demonstrates his mastery over turning powerful concepts into interesting, easy to understand and pragmatic techniques which can be implemented by anyone. His workshop and follow up actions post that have tremendously benefitted me personally. Implement his simple yet powerful IncredibleU Principles and improve in every sphere of your life."

Vijay Ganapathy, Chief Technology Officer, USell.com, New York

"I have seen Manish’s contribution in his professional arena for close to two decades. He has special ability to make people go deep within and unearth their real potential. I have personally witnessed him changing individuals, teams and groups to achieve significant transformation. He has great ability to not only develop powerful concepts and frameworks but also a great ability to simplify them and make them easy to apply. His IncredibleU workshops are full of energy and power packed and its a real pleasure to see people changing their thinking in front of your eyes!"

Rao Raghunandan, Client Partner, Tech Mahindra

We have accepted the need for a coach in high performance settings like the field of competitive sports. The modern life is a minefield where many lay injured and unable to lift themselves up. Thanks to life transformation coaches like Manish Pharasi, there are options available. Mr Pharasi uses simple and practical tools to diagnose and identify corrective actions. Using his tools it is possible to decipher the subconscious mind driving the conscious mind ‘s emotions and thinking. He then guides you to look at the situation in a different way allowing us to remodel our life ‘s tricky situations. His style is quite anecdotal and non-sermonizing. I have personally benefited by attending his powerful IncredibleU workshop. The IncredibleU principles covered in the workshop helped me phrase my situation clearly and brought clarity to help my decision making. I would certainly recommend Mr. Pharasi’s powerful workshop to those looking to help themselves.

Anuj Sareen, Delivery Manager , Leading HR Consulting Firm

I had an opportunity to attend one of Manish’s Life Skills workshop titled "IncredibleU". The workshop broadly focused on assessing/changing one’s state of mind, thoughts, responses and belief system through some proven techniques. Various concepts were shared like – VAK concept, Neurological Alignment, Anchoring To Past, Outcome Frame vs. Blame Frame & Perceptional Positions, which benefited us in self-evaluation of our state of mind which when influenced, can lead to positive results & experiences. The session was well designed and had examples pertinent to topics being covered. Small group size and individual attention were extremely helpful to learning. Concepts were demoed, then performed together as well as individually. Many useful tips were offered, and hands on experience assisted in my understanding of the topics covered. Manish is an extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful trainer. With his unique yet humble style of training, he commands a strong acceptance & engagement from the group. His thorough knowledge of these life skills was impressive. He always took care to answer our questions and clear any doubts before proceeding.

Thanks a lot Manish and I look forward to attending other IncredibleU workshops in the future."

Neha Sharma, Consultant in World’s Top HR Consulting Firm

"Manish is an out of box thinker who actually conceptualized “IncredibleU Principles” as a practise in the most simplistic manner ,even the left brain thinkers can easily swallow the intent and guidelines without a mind-pause. The course and techniques have benefited me immensely in understanding larger perspectives and why’s. Would strongly recommend it as a regular course going forward for each one..
I have used these techniques to understand reasons behind actions and bigger purposes.. Hope this reaches to larger audiences and others can reap benefits too."

Joydeep Mukherjee, DGM-Marketing at India’s Largest Telecom Company

"Manish has been a fascinating coach, mentor and personal guide to me. His unique ability to break down the most complex problems into simple and easy-to-understand concepts is phenomenal! An avid reader, thinker, listener and captivating story-teller, Manish has the gentle art of gliding people to their Eureka moments! I had so many Eureka moments while attending his IncredibleU workshop."

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Who is it for? This book is for anyone who believes in taking charge of their life, rather than living a life defined by others. If you believe that you can bring about positive changes in yourself, and if you have the desire to create the best version of self to become intrinsically happy and fulfilled in key areas of life, this book is sure to appeal to you. It is meant for anyone who wants to fulfill and live her biggest dreams and is willing to put in the effort in developing herself to the level that she attracts those dreams.